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Flexible Elementor Panel

The plugin « Flexible Elementor Panel » makes the Elementor editor panel flexible, draggable, resizable, folding and more opportunities.


  • Draggable Elementor panel and save position
  • Move to right side and switch in RTL mode
  • Vertical collapsible Elementor panel
  • Resize Elementor panel and save size
  • Multiple dark skin for Elementor editor
  • Collapsible all widgets category
  • Sortable widgets category and save position
  • Add exit button in the footer of panel editor
  • Option to close the first tab in Accordion widget
  • Add more options for responsive mode

Depuis le tableau de bord WordPress :

  1. Allez à Extensions -> Ajouter une nouvelle
  2. Recherchez « Flexible Elementor Panel »
  3. Cliquez sur « Installer »
  4. Cliquez sur « Activer »

Manuellement via FTP :

  1. Upload the folder ‘/flexible-elementor-panel/’ into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activez l’extension via l’onglet Plugins dans WordPress

How i cant get back the origin style of panel?

It easy, you need just to move it in the left top corner then click on the title of panel


You can reset position / size in the settings FEP, side editor Elementor and in the FEP admin settings.

il fait le travail et d’une façon très ergonomique Super !!!

Brand new using ELEMENTOR and WP. I’m Enjoying Elementor the more I use it. I’m very grateful so many instructional videos are available

the most essential plugin

Me and my designer collegues love the Flexible Elementor Panel! It is a very helpful tool to get not “lost” in the Elementor Editor after you finished editing a post or page. By easily closing all widget category with one (right) click, you get a much better overview and it’s possible to show more than two widgets in a row. If you are working with different elements for mobile, tablet and desktop you can just hide the elements which are not connected to the active responsive view mode. Everytime I’m working on a WordPress installation without the FEP, I instantly miss it. Plus: The developer is very fast in responding and fixing issues at the plugin with the Elementor Beta version.

Je pourrais plus m’en passer. Par contre, le menu dragable fonctionne pas avec la dernière version de elementor ou alors j’ai loupé un épisode. Merci pour votre travail !

If you are using Elementor, this plugin is a must. Makes it so much easier to move around the panel to make the most of the screen estate.

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