Compatibility with November 2020 Patch Update

The game was updated on 10 November 2020 in preparation for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack. There are some new features being added to the base game including platforms, sentiments, sim profiles and the S-Pop radio station (previously a City Living exclusive).

There were also a number of bug fixes, which you can find listed on the official forums in the November 2020 patch notes.

These mods have been made obsolete and can be removed from your game:

  • Apartment Mailbox Fix – mailbox noises should no longer get stuck on apartment neighbours, so I’ve retired the mod and you can remove it (simvasion_apartmentmailbox_fix) from your mods folder.
  • Watch Movies Fix – sims should now be able to watch movies again with the timer working correctly, so I’ve retired the mod and you can remove it (simvasion_watchmovie_fix) from your mods folder.
  • Stop Arriving at Club Gatherings on Bikes – sims will no longer spawn on bikes when arriving at club gatherings, so I’ve retired the mod and you can remove it (simvasion_clubgathering_nobike) from your mods folder.

These mods have been updated with new versions. If you’re using these mods, you should download the latest version and replace the old versions in your mods folder:

  • Vampiric Interactions Fix – conflict resolution loss has been removed from vampiric sparring, so the fixes for that have been removed from the mod. Also old legacy fixes for vampires floating on back and dark meditation have been completely removed from the mod, as they’ve been fixed in-game for over a year now. Vampiric duels (the mean fighting version) still reduces conflict resolution on adults and elders, so the mod has been updated to keep fixing that. The versions of Vampiric Duel and Influence Emotion in the mod have been updated to match the latest patch versions so that they’re compatible with lifestyles and disabled on Batuu.
  • DJ Custom Mix Fixes – the mod’s version of “play custom mix” on the DJ booth has been updated to match the latest patch version ready for lifestyles.
  • Eco Interactions Fixes – the mod now uses the game’s version of the clay blobs, future cubes and mystery novels fix that was added in the latest patch. There were also minor changes to Sharing is Caring swiping, which include the removal of pet bowls and sinks from the list of possible stealing targets.

All of my other mods currently available seem to be compatible with this patch update with no need for any changes.

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Compatibility with October 2020 Patch Update

The game was updated on 6 October 2020 with some new free content themed for Hispanic Heritage Month and improved versions of existing skintones and two base game hairstyles.

There were also a few bug fixes. One of the patch notes relevant to my mods is an official fix for the excessive baking cakes issue, which actually does that by fixing the underlying issue where NAP autonomy commodities became stuck on sims.

The only mod that requires an update after this patch is:

  • Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes – the commodities for all NAP pushes in the game have been updated with the same fix I had in the mod, but also with a couple of tweaks to the timings between pushes (for example playing instruments for the Support Performing Arts NAP now has longer cooldown).

All of my other mods currently available seem to be compatible with this patch update with no need for any changes.

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