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Surface Pro 7 random shutdown problem still has no official

After many failed attempts at hardware, Microsoft seems to have finally gotten the formula right with the Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet PCs. It has since then spun off that Surface brand into other products, including laptops, an all-in-one desktop, and, soon, a dual-screen Android phone. For many, the Surface Pro still remains the epitome of the product line and the Surface Pro 7’s long-overdue adoption of USB-C makes it almost perfect. That was until a few months ago when these tablets started shutting down randomly with Microsoft mostly keeping silent despite the growing number of complaints.

Given Microsoft history especially with Windows 10, it’s not really surprising to hear about a sudden and unexplained bug giving users a terrible experience. But while Windows 10 update bugs are almost unpredictable because they can happen on a wide assortment of devices, Microsoft has pretty much full control over its own Surface-branded computers.

Unfortunately, that situation doesn’t even make a difference for these bewildered and frustrated Surface Pro 7 owners. The bug, which shuts down the tablet computer for no apparent reason, has been around since late 2019. It has almost been half a year and they still have no solution or even an official word from Microsoft until now.

It is Microsoft’s silence that has added insult to injury considering the Surface Pro 7 is a first-party device. It is only months after the issue has been reported that Microsoft representatives in support forums are assuring owners that the company is looking into the matter and that a solution might be on the way.

In the meantime, owners have no other choice but to try out numerous proposed workarounds, none of which seem to be a guaranteed fix. Considering how essential computers have become during this period, owners are definitely within their rights to be worried about Microsoft’s ability to properly support its own hardware products in their time of great need.