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WordPress Plugin That Stops WordPress Spam Comments

Allow Lists: Specify IP addresses always allowed without being checked and whitelist gateways such as PayPal.

Block Lists: Block specified IPs and emails and block comments with certain words and phrases that are often used by spammers.

Challenge & Block: Enable reCAPTCHA and notification options. You can give real users who trigger the spam defender a second chance.

Approve Requests: Review and approve or block users who were blocked and filled out the form requesting access to your site.

Web Services: Connect to StopForumSpam.com and other services for more sophisticated protection and the ability to report spam.

Cache: Shows the cache of recently detected events.

Log Report: Details the most recent events detected by Stop Spammers.

Diagnostics: Test an IP, email, or comment against all of the options to shed light about why an IP address might fail.

And yes, these features are all included in the free version. So, have you installed the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails plugin yet, or maybe you need a little more info? Let’s go into details about a few of those options.